The Alexander Technique

What is the Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique is a body re-education method used worldwide for over 100 years. Developed by F.M. Alexander in the late 19th century, the Alexander Technique helps people rediscover their inherent physical coordination, increase focus and productivity, and reduce physical pain. Studying the Alexander Technique increases mobility, posture, alertness, and provides relief from chronic stiffness, tension and stress. The Alexander Technique is taught as part of the standard curriculum in many of the top performing arts programs in the world, including the Curtis Institute of Music, the Juilliard School, and the Manhattan School of Music, among many others.

As a classical musician myself, I know and understand all too well the stresses of a life in the performing arts. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have discovered the Alexander Technique in my early twenties, at a time when I was considering quitting my instrument due to a combination of severe performance anxiety and technical issues that didn’t seem to go away, no matter how hard I practiced. Over the past seven years, studying the Alexander Technique has helped me overcome debilitating performance anxiety, play injury-free, and improve my technique on the instrument. But perhaps best of all, I enjoy playing so much more. I’ve invested thousands of hours in learning how to teach the Alexander Technique and it is my pleasure to be able to help other performing artists and public speakers be able to perform at their highest level.

What to expect in an Alexander lesson:

Alexander lessons with me typically incorporate hands-on guidance, verbal coaching, and working in the context of an activity, such as playing through a challenging orchestral excerpt or examining the movement quality of a given musical technique. Depending on your needs, lessons might include hands-on work while you are sitting in a chair, lying on a table, or learn one of Alexander’s etudes as a means of isolating every day activities and being able to examine them in greater detail so that you learn to use your body more efficiently and with greater ease.

I strongly recommend that students wear comfortable clothes to all lessons, and that musicians bring their instruments.

How many Alexander lessons do I need and how often?

In general I recommend somewhere 10-20 weekly lessons to learn the basic principles and learn how to apply the technique to your benefit. Some people find a solution to their specific issues within just one or two lessons, while others choose to pursue longterm study. 

How to get the most benefit out of Alexander Technique lessons:

Although the AT does incorporate elements of bodywork, it is your responsibility to practice the tools and techniques we work on together on a regular basis outside of Alexander lessons. I work closely with all of my students to create a plan to apply the Alexander Technique outside of lessons, but it is each student’s responsibility to make sure that they put in the effort outside of lessons.

How long are lessons, and how much are they?

Lessons are 55 minutes in length.

The 2018 fee schedule is as follows:

  • Individual lesson $120
  • Package of 10 lessons $1000 (payment in 2 installments is possible)
  • Payment is due at or before each lesson and may be made by cash, cheque, or credit card.

To learn more about how the Alexander Technique can benefit you, get in touch via the Contact page to set up a complimentary 20 minute phone consultation.