Alexander Technique Class for Instrumentalists

“I just want to get better”

“I have terrible stage fright. Everything works at home, but falls apart as soon as I have a concert or audition.”

“My playing sounds mechanical…how do I sound more musical?”

If any of that sounds like you, join me for a two hour semi-private class on the Alexander Technique.

Saturday 9/23/17 from 2-4p

In this two hour semi-private class, we’ll explore how you and your playing can benefit from the Alexander Technique through body mapping, hands-on and verbal guidance, and playing for each other.

For this workshop, you’ll want to bring your instrument, some music/a scale/ a technical exercise that you’ve been working on, and curiosity.

Limited to three participants, so everyone will have ample opportunities for individual attention and questions.

$75 per person.

To register, or to ask more questions, please get in touch here. 

Learn more about the Alexander Technique here.